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The Orange Coast Squares square dance club was formed in 1981 on the campus of Orange Coast College. Dances were originally held on campus.
The club later moved to Trident Center in Anaheim and for the next seventeen years moved several times in Orange County. The combined clubs now dance every second Saturday at Cedarbrook Dance Center in Garden Grove.
The Lariats were formed twenty three years before the Orange Coast Squares in October of 1957. Their founding caller was Larry Brockett. First dances were held at Johnston Middle School in Westminster.
 At a joint board meeting of the two clubs held on May l6th, 1998 the merger between the Orange Coast Squares and the Lariats was ratified. By choosing the "Orange Coast Lariats"
as our name, we have retained a portion of each club's identity. On April 17th 1998 Orange Coast Squares celebrated their 17th anniversary and in October the Lariats their 40th.
Our New Dancer Program starts every year on the first or second Thursday in September. As one of twenty three clubs in District 3, we actively support our A-Square-D Association.
Member activities include Picnics, barbecues, a yearly weekend campout, Christmas Party and group travel to out of town weekend dances and jamborees.

Email: judy@orangecoastlatiats.netl
Phone: +1 (951) 678-9086